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Well established professional model in glamor and fashion. Continues to work in beauty and fashion.
She posed for many photographers. In the Contact page Click on the link Modelshoot and you can see at least 70 photographers with whom she’s worked with, of course there are many more with whom are not listed in the site.
She has experience with exhibitions and workshops and photo contests.
She participated in a live television program on Quartarete TV a local network in Piedmont. The broadcast was called “People Talk.” "The interview lasted 30 minutes with the topic "Life of a Model".
A couple of months ago she posed for a promotional event organized by Nikon, which was attended by 108 businessmen and professionals from all over Italy. She posed for two calendars, "Officina Meccanica" in Rome and the brand "Che Caffè" in Turin.

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Officina Meccanica
Che Caffè
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