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manuela torres


Italian model born in Rome, one would believe her to be a South American beauty due to her Mediterranean appearance. Versatile with a strong an extremely sensitive character, instinctive, war like in order to obtain what she wants!
For several years she posed for photography shoots achieving the media attention, dedicating several articles and interviews.  Recently she has been introduced into the world of the independent cinema participating in a few movies, of which one is coming out on April 24th 2014, and she will also participate in several international film festival. During that month she will be a guest at weeks end with It’s page on the known national broadcast Radio Kiss Kiss.
She prefers the simplicity of things and people reflecting her personality by saying that she prefers to spend an evening at home with friends than being in a showbiz circle.
She doesn’t deny being in some circumstance a little egocentric, because it is part of the reality.   Her zodiac sign is Libra so she is an esthete and perfectionist who love to do her job in the best possible way demonstrating not only her beauty but also her intelligence.  She is self-critical, Hyperactive and healthy. She loves sports especially masculine ones like boxing!
She believes in family values, she is married and she dreams of becoming a good actress in addition to a mom. Her great passion is the sea and traveling, enjoying the atmospheres of these places, meeting people from different cultures, every trip is a beautiful experience of life that she will keep in her heart.
In addition to the shots of professional photographers, to get to know Manuela in her everyday life, she likes to post on social media some selfies that capture moments of her social life, because they are real shots that can pass as reality!