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Natasha Guarnieri was born in Voghera on May 15th, 1984, from a German-Hungarian with Croatian nationality mother and an Italian father originated from Veneto. She likes describing herself as a real genetic combine! She’s been living in a small country village in Pavia district, near Milan. She has gained experience in different fields, such as beauty contests and as a walk-on actress for a movie and a RAI fiction called “Terapia d’Urto”. She worked as a choreographer in several beauty contests and took part in some TV programs, too. She’s been devoting herself to professional photography for seven years, but she’s still feeling great emotions she loves to share through a glimpse or a gesture to the camera. Her career started just for fun, working for a model agency in Milan but soon it turned into a real passion. Her parents are her greatest fans and they supported and helped her with her career, taking Natasha to the sets and waiting for hours while she was posing. Natasha has recently found her true love, photographer Fabio Berg, thanks to her passion for photography; they share not only life but even a lively artistic partnership everyone takes a cue from during their workshops. Natasha has not a favorite genre, she likes ranging from portrait to photograph nude, from glamour to fashion trying to be a well-rounded professional. Facing different photographic styles, Natasha always tries to keep her personality and never be tasteless, and she successfully succeeded. What she loves most in this field is the opportunity of getting in touch with her inner Self, meeting new people every day and confronting herself with different natures.

Photographer: Fabio Berg

Fabio was born in Rimini (Italy) in 1965. His career as a photographer started in 1989 as he needed to provide documentary evidence for the mountain journeys in India and Nepal he made for job. The arrival of the digital photography made Fabio Berg been interested in Reenacting first of all and then in portrait. Later on, in the beginning of this year, Fabio made a fervid artistic partnership with his girlfriend and professional model Natasha Gurnieri. Actually Fabio and Natasha organize many workshops where they teach how to recreate they're sets.