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Born in Pordenone August 6, 1982, she graduated from high school sociopsicopedagogico, and graduated in Bologna in Cultural Anthropology. Passionate about theater, acting and has taken part in the courses of identification required to play Fabio Scaramucci Orto Theater and Bologna in 2002 following a two-year theater at "Coros" services for the show of Monia Tomasi. She worked in some of the Entertainment Centers in Emilia Romagna in children's shows. In 2006 she starred in a stage play "Icarus Junior" and "Icarus Young". She participated in a campaign promoted by the State Police, a tour to teach respect. The initiative aims to make young people understand the importance of compliance. Promoting a culture of legality and prevent dangerous behaviors, the main cause of road accidents. February 20, 2006 a match by the Milan Company "Showbiz Inc" in Bologna, directed by Matteo Vicino visited 8 provincial capitals, stopping for two days in each city and proposing two shows to elementary school children and high school. She also participated in the training course for documentary filmmakers held by Clement Bicocchi at Festival dei Popoli in Florence. She edited the book "Little Princes" published by Samuel Publisher and released in December 2011. She continued to take acting studies in Rome with Maestro Michael Margotta founder of the Actor's Center in Rome and New York agency Galaxia Gorizia. participates and works in extras and figurations special in several movie sets set in Trieste. August 2011 worked as the lead in a movie promo Horror / thriller "Cold Stand" directed by young director Gaetano Vanzo. Registered with the database professional actors Roberto Bigherati Casting, Rome.