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Born in Cannes 18 Mars 1973, it is at the age of 4 that i begins to draw with a sense of the proportions asserted well for a child. His schooling in the primary sector will suffer from it, i will not stop drawing and painting relentlessly. It is finally on the eve of my Tub(Ferry,High school diploma), that i decides to abandon (to give up) my studies for an artistic career(quarry).I integrates a college of decorative arts and will drop out with the "Good" mention(distinction), graphic designer's diploma maquetiste advertising.
But while i intends to continue in this way, i discovers the photography accidentally(by chance)... It is the shock. I becomes then an apprentice photographer in a professional studio in Nice, and obtains my diploma  in 3 years. It is in the fashion photo that i find the widest spectre of creativity.
With my portfolio made by young women approached on the street, which i begins to sell door-to-door models' agencies, and picks up(takes down) my first commands(orders). I asserts very fast a style pronounced for an at the same time strong and fragile, "classy, timeless" woman. I also waited for a bigger photographic maturity, to sublimate the women naked. It is a work of career(quarry), a important step. I like showing a woman and a nude. That she(it) is always strong, fragile, never vulgar and very classy. Mysterious and glamourous. Real " touch everything " artistic, energy of the make-up in the sketch in styling, the digital creation ultra realistic in the alteration(retouch) top of the range, always in permanent collection(quest) " of absolute " in its work, i looks for another dimension(size) in my photos and give them the movement of the video realization.
After more than 20 years of experience(experiment) in the job(business), numerous prices(prizes), interviews and publications in France, it is at the moment the international fashion in New York and Miami that notices it by offering me the publication of my first fashion editorials.