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Pierre André was born in 1970 in Uccle-Belgium. He began to take a keen interest in photography and started shooting at the early age of 14. He enrolled in the Cinematography and Television High School of Rome, "Roberto Rossellini", at which time he also carried out an apprenticeship at a photographic studio where he later became a partner at the tender age of 21. Moving to Milan in 1994 he began working for Piazza Sempione, L'Uomo Vogue, Vogue Pelle etc. In the following years his work took him travelling between Milan, Paris and London and in 1998 he settled back in Rome where he started working for Valentino. In the same year PAT Photostudio was founded.In the last 9 years PAT has had a very successful collaboration with "My Tribu" realizing numerous national and international fashion, media and advertising campaigns. Experience Funder at PAT-NETWORK January 2011 - Present (3 years 6 months) Photographer and videomaker, editor and supervisor of the different workflows. The challenge at The PAT-NETWORK 2009 - 2013 (4 years) In 2009 the “Tribù” grows up as a new reality born out of Pierre André 's will: the PAT-NETWORK. For the past 9 years, PAT Photostudio has been a specialized laboratory for advertising, fashion and portrait photography. The studio has also always taken care of the touch-up and post-production phases of its shoots, thereby constantly delivering finished high quality products to its clients. Moved by the desire to extend his passion for film making and communication and aware of the ever growing need for industry professionals to be all-encompassing; Pierre decided to review and enlarge his original project of a straight-up photographic studio. Taking advantage of sturdy relationships woven over the years with other communication professionals, Pierre got stimulated into creating what has now become PAT-NETWORK. A network of freelance professionals of the advertising and entertainment industries that collaborate with one another for each project in a dynamic tailored around the customer's needs. PAT-NETWORK is a flexible structure that enables customers to utilize either all or only part of the studio's professional sections therefore avoiding the costs of unneeded resources. In the past five years Pierre André has reintroduced himself to cinematographic studies and the moving Page1 image, specializing in documentaries, glidecam-operator and editor,whilst continuing to work extensively and successfully in photography.

Cinematography at PAT-NETWORK - 2009 - 2013 (4 years)
Advertising Photography at PAT-NETWORK - 2009 - 2013 (4 years)
Director, glidecam operator and editor at PAT-NETWORK and SHOOTV - 2009 - 2013 (4 years) About the past few years at PAT - 2007 - 2013 (6 years)
In 2007 he started working for BVLGARI Global Operations for the creation of images advertising campaigns intended to BTL and ATL. Between 2009 and 2010 he realized works for Legance Studio Associato, Giardini di Faonte, Due S.p.A., Sothebys & St. Peter Real Estate, Armosia, Auditorium Conciliazione, Bally Group, Advenia, Commissariato Generale del Governo per l'Expò Shanghai 2010, Maxima, Nissan, Minimega, Beauty Point. Between 2009 and 2011 he has collaborated with SHOOTV, the webtv of TBWA-ITALY made and produced by SATOR PRODUCTIONS. He worked as steadycam-operator and/or director and/or editor.

Documentaries / Projects / Clients

INTERVIEWS Wilbur Smith Stefano Bollani Stewart Copeland Niccolò Fabi Maria Gadù Max Gazzè Incognito John Mayall Modà Daniele Silvestri DOUMENTARIES Glaucia Cupertino The Colobus Trust DIRECTORY “HOTSPOT” Chiostro del Bramante: Mirò! Poesia e luce Giorgio Bartocci Satoshi Hirose L’asina d’oro 90 Fisso Polinesia Studenten Montalcino Tra Umbria e Toscana Bistecca alla Fiorentina DIRECTORY “IL CACCIATORE DI SUONI” Frank Sent Us Martux-M Crew Tristan Perich SebastiAn Magda Resident Advisor James Holden Kate Wax Lili Et Klaus -Two Steps Forward Clients & People at Photographer 1994 - 2013 (19 years) CLIENTS: BULGARI, VALENTINO, LAND ROVER, SPAZIO 360, STUDIO IURATO, ETTORE BILOTTA ATELIER, LEGANCE STUDIO LEGALE ASSOCIATO, VAID GIOIELLI, INSTAFF COMMUNICATION NETWORK, DAO CONSULTING, AS ROMA, AMBASCIATA MONTENEGRO C/O SANTASEDE, GAMENET, THE NEW YORK TIMES STYLE MAGAZINE, CHANEL JOAILLERIE, ETIHAD AIRWAYS, AUGUSTA WESTLAND HELICOPTERS, ITALPOL, MOREMOREMORE, H2O, AUDITORIUM CONCILIAZIONE, MINISTERO DEL TERRITORIO E DELL’AMBIENTE, ALL PARTNERS, HONDA MOTO ITALIA, UCEI, RADIO DIMENSIONE SUONO NETWORK, RADIO DIMENSIONE SUONO ADVERTISING, ALTAROMA ALTAMODA, FINEGIL, MAGGIORE,YOUNG & RUBICAM, UIP, CAFFè DANESI, TAGLIA 42, R 360, FUTURA FASHION TV, IPER COOP, TAIT, TESMED, TIM, THE SIGN ADV, PIRELLI FIBRA OTTICA, GRUPPO IRI, RAI, PROCOM COMUNICATION GROUP, PROTOS SPA, I° RINASCIMENTO, MPKS, MTV, YODIT, PIAZZA SEMPIONE, L’ UOMO VOGUE, VOGUE PELLE, LE TARTARUGHE, MOOD MODA E DESIGN, JOHN CASABLANCAS MODEL MANAGEMENT ROME, MERAS FASHION ZIP, SONIA MONTI, JEFF BANKS @ MATALAN-LONDON, AUDREY MAGAZINE, AL TASLAQ JAMAL, ALCOVA, MIX MAGAZINE, SONORA HABANERA, URBAN’S S-PECIES, ANTONIO BERARDI, CAROLE WALLER, NUALA OLIVEIRA@MADINA CONTEST, ADAMIS GROUP, SIMEON FARRAR-LONDON PEOPLE: SOFIA MILOS,VALERIA BRUNI TEDESCHI , ALEK WEK, ASIA ARGENTO, FERNANDA LESSA, MICAELA RAMAZZOTTI, EDOARDO PINTO,YUMA DIAKITE, ALESSANDRO ROSSETTO, FELICE LAUDADIO, FRANCESCA SOLINAS, FURIO SCARPELLI, GIANFRANCO PANNONE, ROMANO SCAVOLINI, BABAK PAYAMI, FABIO CANINO, ADRIANA VOLPE, CAROLINA MARCONI, SARA TOMMASI, ALESSIA VENTURA, LUCREZIA PIAGGIO, FLAVIA VENTO, FLORA CANTO, GIANMARCO TAVANI, PIERLUIGI COPPOLA, ANTONELLA SALVUCCI, EDOARDO VOLO, ENZO CELLI-BOTEGA,EMANUELE FILIBERTO DI SAVOIA Years and years.. at The dates 1984 - 2013 (29 years) 1984-1990 Assistant photographer @ Box4, multimedia studio in Rome 1990-1994 Free lance photographer 1994-1997 Transfer to Milan: collaborations for "L 'Uomo Vogue" and "Vogue Pelle" 1997-1998 Paris and London: research and photographic experiments 1999-2013 Transfer to Rome 1999-2000 Teacher photographic pose @ John Casablancas agency, Rome 2000-2005 Production and supply look book Accessories Maison Valentino 2007-TODAY: See above, section "About the past few years" Projects Purosangue at ROME INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL - RIFF April 2013 to Present Members:Pierre André Transunto DOMENICA 7 APRILE alle ore 19.45 il cortometraggio PUROSANGUE sarà proiettato al NUOVO CINEMA AQUILA - Via L'Aquila 68 Pigneto (ROMA). Il film-corto è stato selezionato per il prestigioso ROME INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL - RIFF The Colobus Trust July 2011 to Present Members:Pierre André Transunto I made this short documentary in Kenya, after the shots for the PUROSANGUE film Page4 The Screenwriter September 2011 to Present Members:Pierre André Transunto 21-09-11 The Screenwriter by Geo Ceccarelli. In this case I made the glidecam operator for a sequence long shot and the director of photography. Purosangue March 2011 to Present Members:Pierre André Transunto I made the cinematography of the short film. You can watch the trailer of the short film, Purosangue, produced by Max Monteforte, Director Virginio Favale, Cinematography Pierre André Transunto, Music by Carlos Sarmiento. Glaucia Cupertino March 2011 to Present Members:Pierre André Transunto I made this short documentary when I met Glaucia in Rome after an exhibition at Louvre Gallery, Paris. Languages Italian (Native or bilingual proficiency) English (Professional working proficiency) French (Limited working proficiency) Skills & Expertise Video Production Video Editing Digital Photography Commercial Photography Creative Direction Post Production Photography Documentaries Film Production Multimedia Producing Television Entertainment Portrait Photography Education Cinematographic and Television Institute "Roberto Rossellini" - Rome high school degree, Cinematography and Film/Video Production, 1983 - 1988 Interests Photography, Video Production, Post-production