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Tania Betti is an alumni of the class of 88 at the Roman School of Photography. She works as freelance photographer and also collaborates with a photo studio. She started the academy at the age of twenty, cultivating her passion beginning with film photography, and darkroom, drawing inspiration from artists such as David La Chapelle, Dragan, Erwin Olaf, and flipping through the pages of most famous fashion magazines: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle etc, resulting in developing her personal photographic style.
Tania uses a Nikon digital SLR, with the firm conviction that the post is an integral part and an enrichment of the creative process of her photographs. She loves the romantic atmosphere by retro tones, overexposure and lens flair that recall the past with a hint of nostalgia. But she also loves the modernity of sharp contrasts like in the photos of Richardson, and the minimal elegance of a simple black and white, as in the production of Newton. She likes to invent, alienate, intrigue and play ... the photo shoot is a stage, She is the director and models are her actors; so pose room is her personal Truman Show! Citing a famous and talented photographer she often says "I DO NOT LOVE TO DOCUMENT, I PREFER TO CREATE".