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Roberta Boano is a young photographer working into the province of Turin, qualified in sculpture at the art school. She continued with the studies in the scope of fashion at the IED, and after graduation in 2008, she made some experiences in the field, she decided to apply herself to her true passion, photography.
In a short time she improved her advanced technical ability thanks to the collaboration with unprofessional models, becoming a true professional. She took part  in a stage at the photographic study of the famous photographer Paolo Ranzani, and in 2010, after the specialization, she started a self-employed professional route, always looking for the collaboration of professional figures who can enable her to polish her art. Roberta Boano is an expert in photographic books, which are made with passion and participation.
Six Love shoot Credits:
Photo: Roberta Boano Make Up & Hair Style: Francesca Digiorgio Location: Six Love Torino Apparel: Sofia Quinones Coat: Alberto Campra