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You have to imagine a very little Sicilian boy, waking up while everybody is sleeping sits down in the balcony to wait for "ball of fire” the sun, to awake, the very first memory of his contact with profound curiosity....
The fascination for the unknown, the admiration of daily miracles, the unique patience of whom he has a true passion inside: the love for light and all it's infinite possibilities.
He was Massimo Vecchi, who falls in love at a very early age with photography and hasn't stopped since.
He studied art and photography and graduated as an architect at Firenze's university.
Later on he pursued a career as a photographer in a series of Italian publicity companies and magazines.
A very active creator and entrepreneur, Massimo comes back to his birthplace, Catania, to open the space that he dreamt exists when he was young. A space to share the passion and love for art and photography, he opened Spazio Cromatico.
As the art director and head photographer of Spazio Cromatico and IAM Cromatico Productions Massimo works everyday to make "photographer's and art lovers" world a better place.