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Luca Pareto of Genoese origin, is a promising glamour photographer. Born in 68, he inherited from his father a love of painting, attention to the composition and a certain attitude toward a "Carpe Diem in latino", choosing to print the picture on paper instead of photographic reproduction on canvas.
He favors composition shots that impact.  A photograph is emotional defined as where the subject is expressed throughout its evocative power, cultured, instinctive eye of the photographer who is not afraid to experiment with new styles always in constant search for new forms of expression.
Thus we find intriguing sirens lace underwear wandering in cold post-industrial, or out of the shadows of urban alleys, full of mystery and sensuality. In a quote from L. De Crescenzo thoughts on Lucas Pareto’s photo: “I love the shadow like I love the light. Both are needed because one side can be beautiful. Shadow and light therefore are not enemies but twins affectionately held by the hand, and when one disappears the other too disappears.”