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Luca Mosconi is a photographer always on the move; overwhelmingly passionate for photography had caught his attention at 16 and in 1988 at the age of 25  began his professional career.  For over 20 years he worked on every kind of subject and in many context,  but for the longest time  whether it was a little by chance, or a bit by choice, never managed to work in the photographic  genre that included people as the subject.
The underlying theme for his various works is his great passion for photography, the curiosity to discover and learning new things, the eternal desire to see how far he is capable of reaching.
In one of many change of directions throughout his professional life in which he questioned himself every time he had the need to confront and experiment with something new he began work a few years ago on a personal project that centered around his interest in people.  So he began to work with models that were chosen for their characteristics abilities to function behind the project’s history, and not only for their physical or aesthetic qualities  but primarily for their acting talents.
Thanks to his experience acquired in his long career as a furniture and architecture photographer, and also as a set designer and lighting technician working in theater since he was a little boy he  chose or recreated sets specifically in a studio.
The special feature of his work, often laden with a good dose of irony, or as opposed to a dense drama, have now come to be known and recognized for its originality, accentuated by the fact that he never repeated himself including simpler works because he always looked for elements that distinguished him.
Despite coming from a small town of a small region in central Italy, and thanks to the power of the Internet, within a few years came the real appreciation and recognition and not only from Italy but from all over the world.
His continuous research, wandering in the language of photography, had led him a year ago to a physical movement that he considers the biggest achievement in over 20 years of his career, so different from the others but definitely complementary and necessary like the last piece of  puzzle that is waiting to be placed in it’s matching space.
 A year since he left he began to work with what he considers the studies that any photographer would dream of receiving but believed that was not feasible. Because this place already existed. It is located in Milan and it is called MaisonSabbatini Photo Studio and "Magic Theater" created by Alfredo Sabbatini. This is perhaps the "unwitting but logical destination" of the journey that Luca Mosconi began over 20 years ago that led him to discover new ways without ever forgetting everything he had learned along the way.