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Italian photographer Luca Iafrate. His career began as a nature and scenery photographer. After some years he turns his attention and focuses on fashion photography a reality that he decided not to leave. For nearly four years of work in this field, especially in Rome,  he and his colleagues did most of the projects. Over the years he has specialized in beauty, fashion and editorial photography resulting in several online publications and print magazines.
He is also active in the production of photo books from new and aspiring models, like normal girls who intend to enter this fantasy world. His CV also includes participation as a photographer for two short films made in Rome: the first with first-time director Vittoria Citerni di Siena dal titolo “5 Minuti” and the last trip in November with director Alessandro Grande, one of the best directors to come out of the Italian countryside. Interesting  shorts among the actors with the participation of Francesca Valtorta (Ris 2, Ris 3) and Moni Ovadia (actor of stage and screen, both nationally). Activity in the fashion world, integrates achievement of artistic projects,, a complete creation of a calendar for 2013, "The beauty of art" inspired by the paintings of painter Tamara de Lempicka, 14th December in Rome with a very good response from the audience. The photos in the calendar are subjects of several exhibitions in various clubs and Roman associations. Since September 2012, the official photographer of the agency Frosinone “Agenzia Stile Eventi” of the talented Rosa Giusy, committed throughout the country with their hosts, image girls, models and fashion models. They are projected for the 2014 / 2015 to do a series of projects aimed at the publication of the Italian and international magazines such as magazine Snob and English Voir.  Since 2013 he has been an active member of a series of workshops on gender glamor / fashion. The workshops will take place in Rome and treat the various aspects of this type of photography, studying the use of flash light and continuous interaction with the model, the study of a photographic project idea to embodiment.