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“I have always seen the world through the eyes of a lens, I just haven’t always been aware of it. I think in moments, flashbacks, and memories I am intrigued by stories untold.”
"I chose the name Marrow Creative for my studio because marrow is a paradox of essentiality and intrigue. It represents both light and dark, an essential theme that runs through of my work. Although my images appear to be of beautiful women dressed in elegant gowns, each image captures the fine line between beauty and decay. I describe my work as “dark fairytale” because I don’t expect the images to be literal. I want each viewer to walk away with more questions than answers, and to be inspired to confront some of the paradoxes found in their own life.
Inspiration is the seed of my work, and I find most of my inspiration is derived from locations. I am inspired most by nature, and firmly believe that there are a cast of characters living millions of stories when humans aren’t around and I am greatly influenced in the potential of those stories. I also find great inspiration in abandoned locations, striving to interpret the story of what was and what could have been through my artistic eyes."


Story: Beyond Boundaries
Photographer: Kelsey Campion, Marrow Creative
Model: Chiara & Sofia with Luxx Management, Milano
MUA: Letizia Pecchia
Stylist: Lara Bonardi