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In spite of his young age, the artist has been – by the smile of the success along all his artistic journey; appreciated by the critique and by some of the European cities where he has exposed his work. Marco Garofalo has found in the art world an energy able to overwhelm and lead him along the tracks of the creativity, transporting it then in his photographs. His creativity hugs every time a different social theme, linked to the world of women, of the human or of the animals; even if he’s young, the photographer considers that there are some rules in the life that we have to absolutely respect beyond the liberty of each individual. In his shots - presented at Palazzo GIureconsulti - contains all the artist’s poetics. Behind every shot, the photographer analyses carefully the theme that he wants to discuss/ transact through researches, studies or depth investigations, and consecutively immortalize in the photography his pungent thoughts. The Professor Pier Francesco Listri, during a show of the artist in Florence, affirmed: Here finally a young photographer, but already international, who proposes us an alternative way to the canonical currents of the contemporary photography. For example I say to the followers of the portrait of Strand, of the magic of the stolen moment of Cartier Bresson, of the most recent narcissism of Oliviero Toscani. If we want to fly high for a moment, we notice that after the dissolution of the twentieth century of the individual conscience (Joyce, Svevo, Pirandello) and the advent of the mass civility and of the image , the art, also and especially the photographic one, nothing can be expressed except the naked and simply spectacle of the visible. But our photographer does at least a couple of genial commingling. The first one is mix together painting and photography, the second one is give his representations, innocent or bizarre but always with a pinch of geniality, a little bit more of sense, that is enclose the image of values of symbol. Garofalo doesn’t “capture” his images, but he “made” them according to a scenical sense, or better strongly scenografic, attaching them of the institute of the story , even ideological , that is hectic and politic ( if a radical , authentic innovation is always revolutionary)Garofalo so, made a series of parables with which he tells us how he see the world. Paradoxically, more they appear fresh, handled, ironic more they hide the bitter of a denunciation. Every image of Garofalo is a sort of “living picture” , made with merry wisely magical minutiae, a microcosm animated by thousands of accessories (flowers, cymbals, women’s stockings, wigs, cigars, candles, baskets), which is, however, always centered on female figure, but not only; most always performed in its nakedness ( carnality more fairy tale than sensual, and always self-deprecating), nudity as a white paper on which he writes his own messages in the bottle. (...) That said, there arises a strong originality to what the teacher offers us, an originality never devised, built and solved in an alphabet and a grammar that articulate a coherent discourse, even ideological, and have, in fact, the hidden wisdom and strength of parable. (...) Glory and future, therefore, to our young master, that is certainly heading out from the pack. Even Cecilia Ci in a talk in Riccione, said: After imagine and developed with the thought: the world is, that the photographic art of Marco Garofalo gives us through a blond and decisive language. Telling the story of these images, created by the mind of an eclectic young artist who looks through the lens of the camera and capture the skillful use of light, the contrasts, the perfect composition of the painting. Something that speaks without a voice, to get our emotions. (...) The Marco Garofalo’s one is a click which is a reflection, soul expression, as suggested by the title of the exhibition. Where, photography is something that reaches the deep unconscious of each and the art of music, the one the romantics considered art par excellence, has a highly addictive power. It’s then that the poetry of Marco Garofalo, emerges drenched of notes, in a world that invites us to reflect on the combination of art and music. (...) A lens conducted by the eye that captures a gesture, expression, and the result is the result of an elaborate interior architecture. And it’s in this way, that the protagonists of the photographs of Mark, are the interpreters of his world. A world, which the artist steals from himself and leave as a story, through photographs that are documents of the thought and, above all images of the mind. (...) It has been said, by a important Italian photographer, the image is spirit, matter, space, time, opportunity to look ... traces that are evidences of ourselves .... And the work of Garofalo, confirms it. Photography, is leaving a trace behind, is like writing, using a common code of great immediacy. (...) There is something magical, emblematic in the atmosphere of these photographs. Making eternal an idea, a thrill, a memory, a moment, through art and in this case through photography, it is something that, a little bit, get death away. (...) Characters that distinguish a photograph of this contemporary artist who has much to tell: his work in progress, as the incessant cycle of life. Finally, Tina Simonelli Milan - after Rome, Florence and Riccione - is an important step for the artist, who in 2009 was awarded “best young photographer,” because the exhibition is a vertical cut of the artist in his inner thoughts. In addition, Marco Garofalo has been praised for its creativity and effectiveness in addressing current issues, from the Agora Gallery in New York. The artist shows his creativity, especially through photography and in 2001, he enrolled at the Higher Institute of Photography in Rome; Achieving, a master's degree in photography in 2004 by The European Institute of Design in Rome. His First experience dates back in 1997 at the age of 13 years, with the program television "Riccione Moda Italia" (Riccione Fashion Italy) . Hereafter, he moved to Milano and he cooperated with Milano's Fashion agencies. In this period he makes, too, his first calendar: "Transformation of color".In 2009 the artist was awarded as "the best italian creativity young photographer" by the "National Association of professional photographer" . In 2011 Is selected as the best young player award winning italian photographer to select for participation in the 2012 Biennial of Contemporary Art In Rome.Critical review of Master Pier Francesco Listri Teacher of history at the university of Florence, Italian art critic of excellence.Present a solo exhibition in Florence in 2009.Finally we have a photographer who’s young, but already internationally known, and with his artwork he suggests us a newsworthy alternative to the manse flows that contemporary photography is currently following.I am talking, for instance, about the accusingly portraiture of Strand, about the magic of the stolen moment of Cartier Bresson, about the latest voyeuristic narcissism of Oliviero Toscani. Pondering the philosophical streams of the last century, we will surely notice that, after the individual conscience dissolved (Joyce, Svevo, Pirandello) and after the advent of the mass - based on the image - society, Art, especially Photography, can’t express nothing but nude and the streamlined spectacle of the visible.But our photographer enacts at least a pair of genial comminglings. The first is the fusion of painting and photography; the second is giving to his representations, innocent or bizarre, but always filled with a pinch of brilliance, a little more of sense, that consists in supplying the image with symbols.Garofalo doesn’t “catch” his images, but he “builds” them upon a scenic, or better, strongly scenographic sense, attributing them the assignment of a story, meant to be also ideological, that is ethical and even political (if a radical, authentic innovation is always revolutionary): so, Garofalo builds a series of lay parables to tell us the vision he has of the world. In a paradoxical way, the more the pictures look fresh, ironic, eventful, the more they hide the bitterness of a denunciation.Each image of Garofalo is a sort of “living painting”, built with cheerful and skilfully magic trifle; each image is a microcosm animated by thousands of accessories (flowers, cymbals, feminine stockings, wigs, cigars, candles, baskets) which is anyway centred on the feminine figure, most of the times; often exhibited in her nudity (a fairy-tale carnality, more than a sensual one, and always about self-mockery). A nudity that corresponds a blank slate where he writes his “messages in the bottle”.The ensemble is enriched with a very interesting and effective brand new alphabet of meanings: the blocked bearings of the dance; the strongly mimic gesture; a series of paradoxical oxymorons (the angels between naked breasts and wings; the hats used to cover the genitals as unpublished fig leaves; the clash of darkness and light, a quotation to the eighteenth century’s silhouettes) upon a reversing-art, which here is the tasty element of the image-story, living in front of the spectator in a strange unstable balance between opposites: astonished steadiness and sharp sense of motion.The result of this peculiar combination of elements is the considerable originality of what the Master is proposing; an originality that doesn’t stand alone: it is infact developed on the basis of a new linguistic code that articulates an ideological speech which has the wise and hidden strength of a parable. A mediterranean breeze gently blows on these bitter-sweet photographic tales, that refer now to the Neapolitan figure of Pulcinella and then to the South American jollity (not much appreciable, in case, some sudden descents in the well-known magic).The ensemble has an aim which is to tell, through the multiplicity of the existence, how beauty and queasiness are our companions: a matter of fact which, behind the workaday curtain, is not easy to see, especially through the cat’s eye, that is the cool and neutral lens of a digital camera.Glory and future, then, to our young Master, who’s certainly a “voice out of the chorus”.Pier Francesco Listri Personal and group Exhibitions Solo Exhibitions and Collective Exhibitions 2011-October Solo Event Happy Birthday Kenny CarpenterDj From Studio54 NY and Exhibition Spazio900 Disco club prestigious location in the center Rome Italy2011-August Solo Exhibition Art&Music Gran Hotel di Porto Cervo Sardegna Italy2011-June Solo Exhibition Rock&Punk and Circle disco club Rome prestigious location in the center Rome Italy2011-April/October Solo Exhibition "The Femininity" White Restaurant Rome Italy.2010-December,Solo Exhibition "Marco Garofalo" Palace Giureconsulti Milan Italy.2010-November, Solo Exhibition "Good&Evil", International fair of modern and contemporary art. Reggio Emilia Italy.2010- July, personal exhibition "Art&Music" Tourism Palace - Riccione Italy.2009- November, personal exhibition "The flowers" , International Exhibition of contemporary and modern art. Reggio Emilia Italy.2009- October, Group Exhibition "Contemporary Art" Mentana Gallery - FlorenceItaly.2009- June, Personal exhibition "All collection 2009 by Marco " By the Msc Fantasy Cruise. 2008-December, Personal exhibition "Demony and Music" Beige-Rome, prestigious location in the Trasteveres' center in Rome Italy.2007-May, Personal Exhibition, "The vegetables" Roma, Bio park Of Villa Borghese Italy.2006- October, Group exhibition "Tarot of today" Collection of 22 mayor (ARCANI *) International museum of tarot of Riola - Bologna Italy. Artistic Experience 2004- "Mediterranean Night" Broadcast "rai" television present by Federica Panicucci 2002- Photographer of production of The Fashion home "Tis Stone" Photo Collection2010- "The Femininity"Blue planet T.I.S By Tina Simonelli Garofalo.2010- "Art&Music" Blue planet T.I.S By Tina Simonelli Garofalo.2010- " Images ..Shadows Light in the future" Blue planet T.I.S By Tina Simonelli Garofalo.2009- "Photo Collection of Marco Garofalo" For the Msc Fantasy cruiser . 2006- "Tarot of today", Collection of 22 mayor (ARCANI *), Exposted in the International museum of tarot of Riola - Bologna-- Blue planet T.I.S By Tina Simonelli Garofalo.2002- "Tis Stone Catalog" Blue planet T.I.S By Tina Simonelli Garofalo.