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Francesco Francia is a professional commercial photographer specializing in subject photography, fashion photography, advertising photography, portraits and industrial photography. Based in Terni,  he works in Italy and abroad, with the help of professionals.
Among the most important campaigns: Valoro Jewelry (with Xenia Tchoumitcheva) with FEF Communication GmbH Lugano, Messegué Marcos Health Center, Fisio sphere, "El amor Lodola" with Marco Lodola, launch fashion catalogs partners Wella Professional (Maboo Ltd. and color Bottega), Madame Bovary Haute Couture (Vintage collection 2010-2011 and 2012), the “inferno” book trailer aired in Sky by Biblos.
He has done several covers for Anna, Ticino Magazine, Fotografare, Almanacco Fotografare, Valley life Magazine, Revolution Magazine, BeMagazine calendar, Golf Magazine and other local fashion and glamor publications. Works with two newly arrived models with supermodel and produces commercials and high quality photography services. Official Photographer for Lupolux Italy, produces workshops and internships fashion photography and glamor progress through his career as a teacher of advanced photography, lighting and visual communication.
"With the desire since childhood to notice moments of family intimacy and" trivial "everyday life, I started to get interested in photography as an art form and begin the first reading. Genuine and overwhelming passion for photography, however, came to my life with a reflexion that I had a gift, and immediately after I opened a  manual one day by John Hedgecoe out of curiosity.”
“In my photography I always try to focus on the personality of the resume so that the look of the person to speak more than anything else. If I click that everything is perfect, the light, the atmosphere, the pose and the details ... and vibration is perceptible through all the muscles and look at an object, then I realized my job."