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Born in the north of Italy in 1977, living then in the south, London and, at the end, in Rome, I try to give to give a sense and a value to very detail in my picture.

Sometimes an image, a moment, a place can speak to you, tell about themselves...
f you really can feel it, if you really can show at least a little of the sense that has for you, only in this case you may say to make a photography...
I try to give a sense and a value to very detail in my picture.
I simply know that only appreciating the beauty of what is standing in front of us, we may understand it and we may make a PICTURE.

"Allure Noir" is a celebration of the dark beauty, shown by the pleasure of the model abandoned to dark atmosphere, the marvelous style of the clothes, the precise and strong make up and the direct and sharp lights, not scared in revealing the absolute beauty of the scene.

The Work was realized by a wonderful team, friends joined together by one unique passion for art, I would say, and not only photography. Few word about the other components of the team:

The Stylist, AMaVis. At 13 Ada expressed her passion for "second chance" fashion by experimenting, using everything she could recover: from parachutes to old pants from her grandfather. Ada's life has been devoted to fashion, first as a model, then as a fashion house manager, and finally the decisive step to become a stylist and create her own exclusive sustainable line. AMaVis creates novel designs inspired by the past and draws on unusual materials with care and respect for the details and finishes, marked by elegance, style, sophistication and aesthetics.

The Make Up Artist, Simona Damiano. Beauty consultant of the most prestigious cosmetic companies, passionate about fashion, high heels and good food. I love traveling, make women beautiful and confident and I love being with my friends. Cat lover for any type and race, I like to sleep and gofer shopping. Even when I do not work I can not help but get into the perfume and and look around for makeup and skincare.

The model, Viktorie Ignoto, Model for professional imaginative and ambitious projects. Reliability, transparency and creativity are my strengths. I love running in nature and feel free as an Amazon. I started out as a professional athlete. A book that changed my life was "Women who run with Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Because of an accident road, I said goodbye forever to the athletics. At that time, thanks to that author, after an entire year of strenuous rehabilitation, I discovered that I had in front of me another way where to go; It 'been a drop of hope destined to feed a new and valuable opportunity: the photographic world. Plumbed in the features and in the soul of every sort of light and embarrassing rap merciless precision of goals, I realized the infinite and varied possibilities, not only of "mimic" human, but above all by the power of thought that moves. After an initial period of imitation, I gradually developed my photographic peculiarities and learned a very personal and artistic individual. I think the originality dwells boldness of individuality, or, in the ruthlessness with which you must ask. Instinctive and impulsive, both in "real life" that in my interpretation, I try to give sense and heart in my work. In fact, summarize both of these elements with a certain homogeneity, because, after all, in the words of Shakespeare: All the world's a stage!