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Photography enthusiast, I was born in Lecce in 1975, for fifteen years I have lived in the province of Padua with my wife and my two children. It can be said that the photograph I met her on the street, or rather in the path of the African savannah; In fact in 2007, I purchased a Canon EOS 350D, just to take some pictures while on safari in Tanzania, for which I was leaving. That trip and the machine have forever changed my life. Reviewing photos of that trip, it allowed me to understand that a thought can be transformed into an image; Today this has become a challenge to myself; I can convert that image in shared emotion. Photography helps me to think, it helps me to remember, to look at things with fresh eyes and go beyond appearances;I can fix that image forever and relive it every time you need me. This is what I like the photo and that's what I'll do forever.