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Alessio was born in San Remo in 1973, his passion for everything that is creative, is derived from his astrological sign Aquarius, and his family.  His father loved to paint and sculpt. He had in his hand almost always a camera.  Photography has always been for him a way to create a new world by capturing a moment in the present world. It all started with film cameras because "there was no alternative at the time and he used Minolta generation themes and optics since there was no money to replace it. After high school he moved to Turin, to attend the Polytechnic, and hoping to contribute to his studies he used his hobby to earn some extra money. During this period he contacted some agencies and did freelance work.  During these years, it was good for both the photographers and art director with experience to see, hear, and learn to understand light, using different cameras, and learned what a model is and what to expect.
Obviously the world now is not the same. With digital everything changed, the speed, the pace the images and also the world. Photographically thinking  growth is not infinite and one never stops learning, humility and great sense of observation and a lot of desire to do better are the incentives that fuel the passion.