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Traveling has always been my great passion , thanks to it, I learned to live , adapt , grow, and share. I visited places that were open to me , showing me all their different facets and wealth of emotions , cultures, wisdom. These are moments that will remain etched in my soul and made me what I am today. The camera has always accompanied me in this long journey and never let me down ... incredible resource to see the world with new eyes . Photography for me is this: the means par excellence to share with others the emotions that causes the world to me. Those same images , moments of real life that I wanted to capture and secure through the lens so that everyone could enjoy it. It's part of me and I take her and live through the magic of life , expression , emotions I feel. There is a priceless treasure in a sleeping volcano , a crowded market full of people, shifty eyes. Living in Cape Verde I explored Sports Photography by working with world champion windsurfers , surfers and kite surfing. In addition to their performance it gave me moments and unforgettable life experiences, full of passion and adrenaline.
I now work in the studio, where I try to recreate these emotions. I make it fun and relaxing for the models so they can learn to feel comfortable with the lens.
An inner journey that I'm lucky to catch and photograph to share the wonder of the human being with the world. Whether in the streets of the world or closed within the walls of a study I always give the best of myself to the service of the beauty I see around me.