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Adriana Soares Biography written by the poet Alessandro Vettori
The photography of Adriana Soares knows life. A path that started when she was a child, beginning with the instinctive pleasures for painting, from the sacrifice, thanks to her modeling profession she traveled all over the world and introduced her to photography, and fell in love, maybe because she realizes that in a photo, even if apparently static, can tell a whole life. The still image of a moment that opens the mind to what is before and after, and leads the observer in a search achieving a small miracle that only art can realize: being an incentive for the others creativity. Life’s moments finds the most important details. The search for the girl playing in mix colors suddenly achieves these same colors, with the same energy and instinct, being more aware, returns and fuses with the photographic creations showing new and fresh images that sometimes keeps and other times releases great emotions. To unite, or rather, the fusion of these faces seemingly troubled corners of the city, or of nature, appears as a sort of DNA of the soul and not only of those who create it but especially for those who use it. Adriana has in herself and in her work, the determination of each day that she lives, she wants to convey to others to move as if an invisible hand that leads us by the hand. A circle closes, the child and the artist, the woman today, in the same body in the same new language.