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Born in 1978 in Mexico City, and at only 16 years he began his career as a freelance illustrator for various local publishers. That's where he met the artist Victor Hernandez, with who he colaborate in his studio and introduced to formal arts and academic human figure drawing. At 19 he moved to the state of taking courses at the University of Veracruz where he discovered the diversity of classical art techniques taking back to Mexico City to further on in the workshop techniques and materials of Maestro Luis Nishizawa. This is where he learn the basics of a visual language that would later characterize.
In 2003 he joined the School of Artistic Initiation of the National Institute of Fine Arts, place that elaborates on the various non tradicioinales then taking advantage of artistic experimentation with the same syntax to enrich his work. Graduated with a major in painting, Calderon seeks thereafter to extend its range of technical possibilities pursuing various specialty shops always looking for a more clear and forceful language with which to express their best work to the viewer. So, Hajime Sorallama, Cheng-Khee Chee, Alexey Antonov and Javier Aviles, are some of the people I have learned and been influenced.
The artist has participated in numerous exhibitions in Mexico and in parts of Europe, his work is in private collections in USA, Spain, Mexico and South America, the critical points as one of the most promising artists of his generation.



  • Perspectivas, Galería Sixtos, Estado de México, 2015.
  • Horrorem, hasta donde llegan tus miedos, Centro Comunitario Ecatepec, Estado de México, 2015
  • Y los hombres qué? “ARTE”, Casa de la Cultura Juan Rulfo, Ciudad de México, 2014
  • Pulsiones del Arte Mexicano, Centro Cultural del México Contemporáneo, Ciudad de México, 2014.
  • Darkness of México, Museo Nacional Brukenthal, Sibiu, Rumanía, 2014.
  • Exposición Multidisciplinaria y Colectiva "El Arte para Todos", Centro cultural Futurama, Ciudad de México 2014
  • Primer Exposición Colectiva, Foro Cultural Goya, Ciudad de México,2014
  • 2da Exposición concurso de pintura profesional Royal Talens, Museo Nacional de Arte, Ciudad de México, 2013
  • 1ª exposición y venta de arte YOLIA, construyendo juntos el futuro, Centro cultural Border, Ciudad de México, 2013
  • 5ta Exposición Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo, VIVE-ARTE 2013, Galería de Arte Sala Taller María Nieves Martín, Extremadura, España, 2013
  • 8vo Festival de Arte Erótico 2013, Claustro Jorge Fons, Tlanepantla de Baz, Estado de México, 2013
  • Expresión y forma, Universidad Tecnológica de Nezahualcoyotl, 2010
  • Expo Cultural Africa Ixtapaluca, Club de golf Coral, Ixtapaluca, Estado de México, 2010
  • La figura humana, Casa de Cultura de Chimalhuacán, Estado de México, 2009
  • Del futuro y la existencia, Centro social y cultural Fuguillas, Estado de México, 2009
  • Contrastes, Aguafuerte Galería, Ciudad de México, 2007


  • Retrospectiva, Estación Pino Suarez del Metro de la Ciudad de México, 2013
  • Avances, Centro social y cultural Fuguillas, Estado de México, 2011
  • Puntos suspensivos, EIA Nº1 Ciudád de México, 2009
  • La soledad de las masas, Café Azul del Bosque, Ciudad de México, 2009