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Born in Bologna (Italy), lives and works in Sasso Marconi (Bologna - Italy) Self-taught, she began very young and approached oil painting, the master having "beautiful painting" the great museums of the world.
With passion and tenacity, personal research pursued the technical and expressive of oil painting and the study of color, revisiting current tinged with a taste of intense intimacy, the purest magic-realistic line of the early twentieth century Italian.
In the meantime, studies and learns the technique of engraving, etching, from which it draws the ability for the rigor of the "sign" and the value of the "nuances" in the black and white of countless etching.
Crossing the dreamlike atmosphere of the season metaphysical and surrealist, her artistic career is expressed in a very personal way while remaining closely linked to the world of fairy tales and what children dream.
Numerous group and solo exhibition from 1982 to the present. Her works are in museums, private and public collections such as the Museum of Cà The Hurdy Gurdy (BO), the Museum of Logudoro (SS) and the Collection of Costa Cruises Ships on Costa Deliziosa and Costa Fascinosa.
"Painting is not portray, but penetrates.  Going to the heart of the secret.  Look, look and enter: Actual love... look for "other splendors ". Something obscure, far and deep is granted, painting must be ready to accept the charm ... "
Balthus   “Memorie"