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Rita Melo is an artist born in 1982 in the Portuguese city of Oporto. Trained at the School of the Arts in the University of Coimbra (ARCA) in the field of Painting, and Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon. She is regarded as a plastic artist of recognized merit in Portugal. Since 1999 she has exhibited her work in various locations, with particular reference to her participation in the International Fair of Contemporary Art Biennial in Lisbon and Cerveira.
The work of this Portuguese artist is characterized by mixing visibly in her paintings, between irony and hyperrealism. In general, Rita Melo produces her work most widely seen through photographs, as quoted in her blog (rita-melo.blosgpot.com): "photos are the source of my painting. My creative work begins making the right choice of selecting the photo she shot.  "But Rita Melo also has other jobs where she works her creativity, giving form to her characters through her life experiences and the way you look at the world and all its surrounds.
According to the artist herself, "the unfinished figures, where it decreases in contrast with the bottom cut off by the empty spaces and stylized language. The bodies of several prospects are extremely ample. Observed very closely the realistic paintings and becomes a standard abstract. This point is explored in my pictorial work. "And indeed, in looking at paintings by Rita Melo you get the feeling that the character can either be expanded, according to our will and imagination, and so it creates a realism, each different in all respects.
The sensual elements are something usual in many of her works, and are distinguished by being strong and carry themselves a certain irony and humor, giving it vitality. All this in a table with lots of colors and where we feel there is a huge positive energy that tries to embellish life, carrying with optimism and courage to the world. The social criticism, remember the Pop Art is also something visible in many of the paintings by Rita Melo. This gives rise to simple and readable screens, with a front frame and perspective, and where the characters and objects come alive with color and dissonant advertising, offering us a new approach to reality.
But there are other images that are interesting in advertising and the contemporary urban environment, ads in various symbols that populate our reality, illustrations, styles and even tin cans. One of Rita Melo important points to is to give her works and characters an understandable visual language in the context of a new format. In her work we also find ambiguous figures giving us different feelings, from seductive, scared, surprised and disturbed, intimidating or performative actions.
In 2009, Rita Melo attended the exhibition at the Gallery of The Associated Press in London, in the Cloister Museum and the Museum of Etenografia in Setubal, ma Gallery in Sacramento Nuno Aveiro, in the car in Palmela, the Municipal Archives of Penafiel Exhibition Centre. In 2008  the Gallery U-Verse in Espinho, Nuno Aveiro Gallery in Sacramento, at the International Biennial of Montijo, the Gallery and the Gallery of Fables Kabuki in Lisbon, the Museum of Bairrada in Aveiro. In 2007 she participated in the project Sentieri dell'arte in Milan, and exposed in the exchange of Coimbra and Aix-Provence in France and in the Gallery of Santa Clara in Coimbra. And since 1999 has added shows in various locations across the country.