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In my artworks I seek to project my sarcastic and simplistic humor sense. Seeking with my compositions make the spectator becomes involved by expressions of everyday moments, seasoned with this grace that causes us the absurdity and sometimes, contradictory facets of the human being.
Really I not seek philosophize about deep or controversial issues; I basically focus to capture those moments that give a special "seasoning" to life through actions, ideas and the phrases that define to people.
Although I not seek visual realism in my artwork, if I seek they are "readable" and easy interpret for the viewer.
Today and for some time, I seek in as far as possible, to put aside the brush to apply the paint directly with my fingers, slowly changing detail for expression and color, plus this allows me better painting the ideas and images in my head, as well the process becomes more fun.
In words of Gustave Flaubert: "I devote to art because enjoy me, but I don't have faith in the beauty"


Ricardo Cruz Fuentes, born in Mexico City in 1982 when the days were less gray. Raised and lived in the State of Mexico the first 25 years of his life now currently based in the city of Pachuca, Hidalgo. “I showed artistic tendencies since childhood, and over the years led me to pursue an art career in Graphic Design. Today I am devoted to the visual arts. Although having a graphic design background, with a clear awareness in respect to painting I am selftaught, leading me in 2007 to do my first work in oil, a technique that I am most focused. With a few years devoted to painting I have achieved a significant number of sales throughout Mexico, the United States, Spain and Colombia”. He is now represented by Art Fusion Galleries of Miami, Florida, USA.
As emerging artist, I have been fortunate to participate in some events and get some awards, among them:

  • 2008, 3rd place in the national competition of graffiti "Violence in dating relationships", Mexico DF
  • 2012, Honorable mention in the 9th Painting Contest "Juan Soriano" Hidalgo, Mexico
  • 2013, 1st place on the 10th Painting Contest "Juan Soriano" Hidalgo, Mexico
  • 2014, Selected to participate at International Art Festival "IKUS Mexico" 2014-2015
  • 2014, (solo exhibition) Ricardo Cruz Fuentes, displaying them in the "Coffee", Hidalgo, Mexico
  • 2014, (collective exhibition) "Morte per acqua" IKUS Mexico; Museum of Cuernavaca City; Morelos Mexico
  • 2015, (collective exhibition) "Beyond reflections"; Art Fusion Galleries; Miami Florida USA
  • 2015, (collective exhibition) "8th Expo-auction"; Etching Gallery; Mexico DF.
  • 2015, (collective exhibition) "Passion and allure"; Art Fusion Galleries; Miami Florida USA
  • 2015, (collective exhibition) "CONTEMPO 2015"; Fine Art Gallery Mexico; San Angel Cultural Center; Mexico DF.
  • 2015, (collective exhibition) "Fusion XII - Infused"; Art Fusion Galleries; Miami Florida USA **Current exhibition (october to december)**