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Niels Smits van Burgst was born in the Netherlands in 1970 and graduated at the Royal Academy in the Hague in 1993. Since then his paintings have been exhibited in New York, Berlin, Amterdam, Brussels, and many more cities across Europe. In 2013 Museum 'de Buitenplaats' honoured his work with a retrospective. He won the 'van Ommeren de Voogd'- price-2007 and the Aku-2011. His paintings are in many collections all over the world. Zerp Gallery:
“In 1994, I decided to depict what it is like to be alive. I started painting my life and added some friends and acquaintances to the stories. Later on, exhibition visitors and party-people joined in the scenes. In 2004, I entered the World Wide Web.
Private pictures are shared through the Net as souvenirs of an experience one can never take part in. The images are like film-stills of a movie you've never seen. I browse these anonymous fragments, trying to get involved, imagining to be there with these guys. I try to revive these shared moments and add them to my own painted adventures.
I show slices of a civilized world in which excesses are channeled through stylized formats like Art, porn, music, Internet, TV, religion or sports. We suppress lust, sadism, aggression and even euphoria to modest levels to keep interaction civilized, although these tendencies always lure behind the surface. Indulgence might be a hidden driver for men's action; it cannot show. Anything might happen today but preferably not in public. Anything might surface but probably not today.
My paintings show men, trapped in their daily life, caught up in my brush-strokes. They will exist there, without a plot to their stories.
My 'friends' lives get romanticized by the act of painting. Will you get involved in their boredom, jokes and modest euphoria? They won't; the inhabitants of the paintings share business nor idleness; they simply exhibit being alive.”


  • 2014 Shared Moments, solo-exhibition at Werklicht, Rotterdam
  • 2014 Paint It; groupshow, Witteveen Contemporary Art Centre, Amsterdam, curated by Arno Kramer
  • 2013 Werklicht, groupshow curated by Wilma Kun, Rotterdam
  • 2013 Art the Hague, artfair, Zic Zerp Gallery
  • 2013 'for show', solo-exhibition, Walravens Gallery, Leuven
  • 2013 'born to be alive', groupshow with Andrej Dubravsky and Virgilius Moldovan, curated by Zic Zerp gallery and Niels Smits van Burgst
  • 2013 Summerexhibition, 'Gemeente Museum' The Hague
  • 2013 going nowhere fast', solo-exhibition/retrospective at Museum de Buitenplaats, Eelde, Holland
  • 2013 for the sake of paint-the flood', groupshow, Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam
  • 2013 Re-Rotterdam-Art Fair, solo-presentation
  • 2013 'if the kids are united', groupshow, Tetem-artspace, Enschede, Holland
  • 2013 Realisme Amsterdam, Art Fair, Wackers Academy
  • 2012 Turn on-Tune in', project Berlin 2012, Factory-Art, Berlin
  • 2012 'the Dorian Project' , SeccondGuest/Ana Cristea Gallery , New York
  • 2012 'anything might happen today', solo-exposition, Zic Zerp Gallery, Rotterdam
  • 2012 summerexhibition, Gemeentemuseum, the Hague
  • 2012 KunstRai Artfair, Amsterdam, Zic Zerp Gallery
  • 2012 Slick Artfair, Brussel, Zic Zerp Gallery
  • 2012 Paviljoen Rotterdam Artfair, Zic Zerp Gallery
  • 2012 Hans Sonneberg's choice', Zic Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam
  • 2011 'midsummernights dream', Zic Zerp Gallery, Rotterdam
  • 'chosen anonymously', summerexhibition, Gemeentemuseum, the Hague
  • 2011 'Eelder eden', Museum de Buitenplaats, Eelde
  • 2011'portraits', solo-exhibition, Pulchri Studio, the Hague
  • 2009 Art Rotterdam, Artfair, Witzenhausengallery
  • 2009 Queerulanten, Pulchri studio, the Hague
  • 2009 XXLart, Grote Kerk, Veere
  • 2008 'stars on canvas',van Abbe museum, Eindhoven
  • 2008 'stars on canvas',Gemeente museum, the Hague
  • 2008 'my first solo', solo-exposition, showroom M.A.M.A, Rotterdam
  • 2008 Realism Amsterdam Artfair, Mebius Gallery
  • 2007 Mebius Gallery, Noordhorn
  • 2007 De Waker Gallery, Laag Keppel
  • 2007 Najaarssalon, Pulchri Studio, the Hague
  • 2007 Kunstzaal van Heijningen, the Hague
  • 2006 solo-exhibition, Licht&ruimte, Abcoude
  • 2006 solo-exhibition, Pulchri Studio, Den Haag
  • 2005 Peter Pappot Art dealer, Amsterdam
  • -
  • 2004 Diligentia, the Hague
  • 2003 solo-exhibition, Pulchri Studio, the Hague
  • 2002 Artist in residence at project 'de Strip' by Jeanne van Heeswijk, museum Boijmans van Beuningen and showroom M.A.M.A.
  • 2001 opera 'Oscar & Philip', multimedia-project in collaboration with R.Knuistingh Neven en P.Swanborn at Doelen, Rotterdam
  • 2000 solo-exhibition, Pulchri Studio, the Hague
  • 1999 Project 'paintings at an exhibition', Rotterdam
  • 1998 Fay Lucas gallery, 50 Kensington church street , London
  • 1997 'try out 2', showroom M.A.M.A, Rotterdam
  • 1995 SOLO, 'het Wilde Weten', Rotterdam