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Multidisciplinary artist living in Puerto de la Cruz for approximately the past 18 years, paints, writes, designs, draws and creates endlessly.  Her artistic career spans her whole life, and likewise her art spans around the world from South America to South Korea,  and from the islands of Japan and Iceland, but above all the greater part of her artistic life has been carried out on the island of Tenerife.  Displaying in the halls of Caja Canarias includes a collection for the Government for when  the royals of Spain MJ came. Her work is part of the artistic heritage of the Canary Islands as stated in the document, for the enjoyment of all the Canaries, at the Presidencies headquarters. Her artwork has been present in events such as the ones in the House of the Americas in Madrid, or the Casa de Campo. Her artwork was present during the inauguration of Juan CC in Puerto de la Cruz. With her brand and unique personal style you can recognize her seal anywhere in the world. With 5,000 followers during 5 months of social networking, such as Facebook, with hundreds of comments on her work. Her commitments for this year includes prestigious galleries.  Thousands of people have enjoyed her art, including her last Gallery in Puerto Viejo.
Known to all,  her extensive artistic production and unlimited ability to create especially in the gallery workshops located in Puerto de la Cruz for 17 years has added to this small tourist and cosmopolitan town.  She chose to study literature, journalism, cinema and all artistic subjects. She has always immersed herself in this environment and has had special relationship with artists and intellectuals. Her art has become part of the cultural heritage of the island to this day.