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linda k


Born under the sign of the Dragon, the day of Saint-Nicolas, December 6, 1952 on the shores of Bosphorus and Armenian origin, Arts Muses have looked at my cradle. Cradled by the music of the 40-50-60-70-80 I could only get to write my texts and sing.
We started to implement the project of our albums. In 2012, I signed my paintings but Linda K.early 2013 when I signed my paintings K.IAN Linda because I have put forward my Armenian origins. My abstract painting is intuitive, colorful and gives free rein to the imagination of all. More than Fifty paintings and paintings decorate the walls of their buyers, some are commands "to measure". I love Nature, Life, and found them in my paintings and paintings on paper. I use acrylic paint. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information and or come watch my videos on my page on Facebook Arts.